Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Thanks for reading

My first year of motherhood has been a curvy one. My life with Langston has been wonderful, but my life as a companion was a very rough one. I found out I wasn't exactly cut out for a relationship, and I've spent the last year really embracing my single mother status. Currently, I've never in my life felt more sure of myself and the things I want. I have surrounded myself in a solid rock group of family and friends, and all around I feel nothing but thankful.
Co-parenting hasn't gotten any easier, and maybe it never will. That's a question I haven't yet found the answer to but I'm willing to just go where life takes me at this point. I don't want to dwell on my co-parenting or custody issues anymore. I'm really looking to move forward and start new with Langston's first birthday right around the corner. With that being said, this is sort of my farewell post to any and all Little Man Langston readers.
This blog has been a lot of things for me. It’s been a way for my family to watch Langston grow, it's been a support group for other young mamas that are in similar situations, and most of all it’s been extremely therapeutic. Anytime I would post a rant over how angry something made me, it made it that much better to get emails from other women dealing with the same troubles. From wanting to gag every time you saw a happy expecting couple, to just how difficult it is to find a decent guy. There was always a mama coming along telling me they were also gagging, and that tomorrow would be a better day.

A lot of people say they don't understand blogging. They find it silly, and see it as just another way to slather your private life all over the very public internet. But really it's so much more than that. The mama blogging world can come across as intimidating (there's so many of us), but in reality we're all here blogging about our lives so that other women can relate and get the support they need. Not to mention we all just deserve some "me" time. Whether you've reached out to be a supportive role in my life, or you've been one of the few to send me nasty emails - you were all a stepping stone in helping me get where I am now, and for that I'm thankful.

This isn't the end for my blogging journey. I think I would just like to pull away from the "single mother" title and start fresh. Expanding your horizons never hurt anyone. Please standby for an upcoming post to link you to my new blog.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

5 things I'm really into right now

1. Wearing my hair up
I've avoided putting my hair up for the past year or so partly because it was too short, and also because I thought it just made me look plain weird. I've gotten over that hump...or just crossed into I'm-too-busy-and/or-too-tired-to-care territory. Either way, a bun is a mom's best friend.

2. MAC "Capricious" lipstick color
I'm not ready to throw out all of my dark colors for Spring and Summer just quite yet. Capricious will be sticking around for a while. It's a little dark and bright, all at the same time. I'm in love.

3. Game of Thrones
Holy crap. Why have I never watched this show? Apparently I've been living under a rock, because I assumed I didn't need to watch this HBO gem for some reason. I was wrong. So, so, so, so wrong. I watched both seasons in about two days - just in time for the third season to start. I'm certainly not the only one wishing I was the mother of I?

4. This quote from Hannah Horvath: Girls 
I feel like this quote is the best way to describe myself. I change my mind..often. It may not be a trait that everyone loves, but it's true. I feel how I feel when I feel it.
5. Spinach fruit smoothies
I used to spend around $8 on a juice/smoothie near my work. I decided to buy a Nutribullet instead and it's fabulous. My favorite combo is soy milk, baby spinach, chia seeds, strawberries, bananas, and peanut butter. Delicious, and such a money saver. 


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hi, I'm Shelby & I'm a Crazy Mama

On the day Langston was born, semi-crazy* Shelby left my body and someone resembling Wolverine from X-Men took it's place. That's normal right?!
I'm a little over protective. I mean, how does any woman have a baby and not instantly turn into a territorial monster? Either way, everyday I'm starting to notice more and more how unattractive it is. For example, Langston's first birthday is right around the corner so naturally it's time to order the cake. I attach a couple pictures to the email, give an extremely vague description of what I want and hit send. A few days later (today), I get an email back from the cake woman (who by the way is phenomenal, check out her link at the end of the post) and she sends back a picture of a cake she has done and asks if that's what I'm looking for. I immediately spaz out and realize that's not. at. all. what I want. I go on a pinterest spree and create a page long word document to depict what I want done TIER-BY-TIER.
Okay. So that's normal, right? No, no it's not normal at all. Everything can't always go my way. Everyone doesn't always have to share my same opinion. But yet, here I am biting heads off all over the land if someone asks me why I still rock my 10 month old to sleep. I don't know if it's just a personality flaw within, or if this is a mother to mother issue. Maybe it's stems from my original theory of "no one can do it like mom can" - which I still can't help but believe is true. I have to somehow push Wolverine out, and learn how to be more open-minded when it comes to others opinions on my ways of parenting, but it certainly won't happen overnight. Parenting is a living document. A constant work-in-progress. I can only hope that this eases up with time....or maybe when Langston is a teenager and is telling me "you can't tell me what to do!" I'll get the picture *sobs*
*I am not actually mentally unstable. Semi-crazy comes solely from the fact that I am a woman and we're all a little crazy in our own way, aren't we ladies?

Monday, March 25, 2013

Little Man's favorite things & an update!

Okay Okay, it's really time for me to jump back on here and update more regularly. I hope everyone is swell and all prepared for the Easter Bunny to make his rounds this weekend. I will be spending Easter without Langston this year, but it's just part of the deal. I'm planning a solo dinner for myself and I'll share all of my menu details with you later this week!
He's perfected the "get away from me" look.
Anyways, Langston will be 10 months on Easter. What? How did this happen, and how do I make it stop?! He's standing, walking around furniture, man-handling that sippy cup like a boss, and is outgrowing clothes left and right. He's up to 18 month clothes. Seriously, the kid grows an inch every night!
 A few of Lang's favorite things right now:




Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Because it's Wednesday.....

Another season of Girls has ended, and I'm not sure how it flew by in the blink of an eye. All I can say is that the season couldn't have ended anymore perfectly than it did, and season three cannot come soon enough.
So just for gigs (and for the simple fact that I already miss it) lets recap the best moments of the season:
The Elijah and Marnie (two pump) hook-up
Thomas John getting decked..and divorced
When Hannah quoted Missy Elliot
That. Mesh. Shirt.
This dinner party
This speech *swoons*
Hannah unraveling
But all in all, we really just need to relive the finale:

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A few of my favorite things: Beauty Edition

Some women prefer not to wear make-up.
Some men prefer their women not to wear make-up.
Both of these things are fine,
but I am not one of those women, and those are not my kind of men.
I wear make-up daily. The weight of it depending on the time of day or the plans I've made. It makes me feel pretty, and I just plain old like it. I don't think women should have to explain why they want to wear make-up, or what about it makes them feel beautiful. When I was seven I had a pair of spandex shorts that I loved. They were metallic purple and they were biker shorts so they almost went down to my knees. Did everyone like them? No. Did I wear them anyways? You bet I did. So here I am, no longer wearing purple biker shorts but still wearing exactly what I want for me, and for no one else. These are a few of my favorite beauty products right now:

Lips are my absolute favorite part of make up, hands down. I have all of the colors above plus many, many, many more. I have a color for every mood, and I've never met a color I didn't like. MAC is my favorite brand for primer and lipstick, but I also love the Tarte lip tints and the Too Faced brand as well!
On a bad day, there is always lipstick.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Oh, hello stranger

It's been two and a half weeks since I've updated....I feel like I should reintroduce myself.

Hi, I'm Shelby...

just kidding. I've been so busy, and honestly I ran into a little bit of a block of what to write about. So much has happened, but not exactly things that I feel like should be shared with the world. Instead of writing it all, I'll let you see what I've been up to for the past two weeks in pictures. Enjoy!

Night out with the gals!

(I'm still not over my red lipstick phase)
Flirty Lang & unsuccessful adventures with plum jam

My Sunday attire & the root of all evil (girl scout cookie season)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

If you can't beat em, join em

Yesterday I posted a nice letter to my old friend Valentines Day. 
Today, with a little help from this post (thanks to my fellow mama blogger, Emily) I decided I was going to make the best of it. Armed with my red lipstick, a kickass playlist & my camera -
 I made nice with Valentines Day once and for all.

Happy Valentines Day, little kittens.
Especially to all of my fabulous single gals.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy D-Day..I mean, V-Day

Dear Valentines Day,
Back so soon? Sigh, I thought maybe you'd gone out of style this year. I was wrong. You're on your A-game this February, showering my television, radio, and internet with your sappy sales and love games. I don't hate you because I'm single, I hate you because if I did have a significant other I wouldn't need one day out of the year to show them my affection. But while we're on the subject, I am single and I don't need to be reminded of it every five minutes. I don't need a Valentine, nor do I want one. I'm happy being single, and if I want chocolates or an arrangement of fruit "flowers" I know where to buy them. So while the rest of the world is exchanging cards and gifts, I've got some D-Day..I mean, V-day plans of my own...
You see, first I'll go to work (because if this was an actual holiday, I'd have the day off..) and then I'll go home to my Little Man and we'll play until he goes to bed. Then I will put on the most comfortable clothes I own (leggings, sweater, fuzzy socks) and snuggle up in my ultra comfortable bed alone and watch whatever the hell I want on TV. Maybe I'll blog a little, maybe I'll wash my hair, maybe I'll go to bed by 9:30. Who knows, who cares.
I'm not a Bitter Betty, and I'm not a cynic. If I really truly loved anyone, I wouldn't need a specific day out of the year to express my feelings for them. They would just know it without question.
And for that, I'm glad I don't have a "Valentine"
Actually, I guess I'm lying. Langston is my one true Valentine. But he's my Valentine every single day of the year, and he knows it. So I guess that's how I really feel about it. If you really love someone, they're your Valentine every day and no life-size teddy bear is going to change that.
So, final thought: I still don't like you Valentines Day, and I am so very thankful that I will be spared from a cheesy "romantic" date, and a heart shaped box full of chocolates that I probably don't even like.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Here's another playlist of what I've been jamming to this week.
Maybe I'll make it a weekly thing, who knows!


Imagine Dragons - Radioactive

The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather

A Silent Film - Harbour Lights

Young the Giant - My Body

Crystal Fighters - At Home

Monday, February 11, 2013

Things I swore I'd never do as a mama: Part 2

So I wrote this post back in August, and here I am ready for Part 2.

The Taste
I swore I would never lose my cool when someone tried to give my baby a bite of anything I didn't approve of, but here I am - losing it. I'm extremely picky when it comes to what Langston eats. He's a growing boy, and I want him to have the very best. Yes, I'm sure he'll have a twinkie one of these days but today is not that day (tomorrow isn't that day either). So when people (*cough* my Dad)  attempt to give my babe a drink, lick, suck of anything, there I am going "crazy mama" on their butts. Sorry (not sorry).

The Pick-Up
They say you shouldn't pick your baby up every time they cry, but I'm really starting to wonder if the person that first said this ever actually had a kid? It's near impossible not to pick them up when they're upset. I thought I would follow this rule, so that Langston wouldn't become accustomed to being "spoiled" but I think it's a load of crap. I don't let him "cry it out" and he's still a well behaved, unspoiled little boy. The only time I come close to using this method is during the night. If Langston wakes up I do the "10 minute rule" and if he hasn't gotten himself back to sleep at that point, I will step in and pat his back and sometimes even pick him up! Get over it.
The TV
"My kid won't watch TV barely ever" - said no mother ever. Honestly, it's not as evil as I thought it was. Langston has been attracted to the lights and sounds of the TV since he was a newborn, and he still loves it just as much. He doesn't get to watch it constantly, but if Mickey Mouse makes my baby boy laugh out loud, who am I to deprive him of that? The TV isn't a babysitter, and as long as you don't treat it as just that - I don't think there's anything wrong with letting your child watch it.
I'm sure there will be a part 3, 4 and even 5 at some point - so stay tuned!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

To Infinity & 8 months...

Little Man is officially 8 months old. I say this every month but, where does the time go?! I can't believe in just a few shorts months we'll be throwing his first birthday party. That will be fun to plan....

 Lang recently acquired some Buzz Lightyear pajamas, and he looks ultra cool in them. He's starting to make the best faces, is fully crawling, and i've caught him standing up in his crib. He's a huge fan of the  Gerber Organic Lil' Crunchies, and pretty much every flavor of the Plum Organic Super Puffs. I can't wait to see what the next few months hold for us!

Happy 8 months Lang. I love you, Little Bear.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Project Life: Cover Page + Week 1!

As mentioned in my previous post about Project Life, I chose the Seafoam kit. I'm absolutely in love with the color scheme, patterns, and wording. I also really loved the Olive kit, but I thought the Seafoam would be more neutral for documenting Langstons little self as well. I really wasn't sure what extras I would need to go along with my core kit, so of course I took to my fellow mama bloggers to find out and these are the essentials I came up with:

Corner Rounder Punch: Perfect to round edges out to match the kit pieces
Washi Tape: So many different uses - I love this stuff!
Date Stamp: I like the idea of knowing which dates are under which week
Thickers: Letter stickers - self explanatory
Snapseed: Fabulous app for editing my pictures

So I have officially begun! 

The pictures may change as my prints come in, but for now I've settled on these and I love how it looks. I didn't want too much going on, so I left it pretty simple. Some bird and heart washi tape, and button embellishments were about as crazy as I got. I love the library card, and I plan to jot a couple of the books I read this year on it as I go along.

The "Shelby + Langston" and "the best is yet to come" is done with a label embosser, and I like the look it gives off. It was super cheap, but I think I may spring for a bit of a nicer one since I'm really starting to love it.

Week 1!

(Please excuse the quality of these photos,
I'm still trying to figure out the best place to snap shots of them!)

For Week 1, I was really lucky because I had so much to photograph and include! We took a trip to the mountains to visit my family, and it was absolutely perfect. I hadn't made any trips recently because Lang made it very clear that he was not a fan, but this time he did amazing - so proud of him! The weekend was full of eating (as you can see!) and then it was back to work, for a week filled with coffee, and anti bacterial. I am trying my absolute best to keep the flu far, far away (fingers crossed!)